Kendan Kip

About me!

21, he/him, gaywest coast college studentthree fursonas: Kendan (wolf), Illumen (otter), and Percy (Swampert)I post about video games, college, my daily life, furry stuff, and affection for my friends!

Interests! (big faves are bolded)

Steins;GateNieR / NieR AutomataXenoblade ChroniclesKingdom HeartsHollow KnightCelesteFalcom games (Trails / Ys VIII)Tales of Symphonia / BerseriaMost Nintendo games, but especially Pokemon, Zelda, and Smash BrosZero EscapeDanganronpaThe World Ends With YouFinal Fantasy X / X-2 / XVUndertale / DeltaruneSupergiant Games titlesplus many more!